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Why Moving To Gilbert Is A Great Choice

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Thinking of relocating, but you’re not sure where? Why not relocate to Gilbert in Arizona, where you’ll find ‘the happiest place’ on earth! Not only is Gilbert ranked 20th on WalletHub for being one of the happiest places to live in, but it also seizes the first place on for being an excellent place to raise one’s family too. 

Compared to the other cities in Arizona, Gilbert stands out with its outstanding statistics. For a good measure, Arizona’s poverty rate is 9.2% and its median household income is around $76,543. Meanwhile, Gilbert’s poverty rate is as low as 6.2% and its median household income is soaring at a whopping $85,581 — it’s no wonder Gilbert continues to be ‘the happiest place’ for many, being a common choice when it comes to relocating. 

If all that doesn’t sound attractive enough, here are eight more reasons to justify why you should relocate to Gilbert. Read more to find out why Gilbert makes the perfect choice for your new home!

The townscape

For starters, Gilbert has a stunning view. It’s not overcrowded with skyscrapers or the usual metropolitan skyline, and instead has a modest layout of neat houses lined up all over town. Of course, this quaint little town has its own share of delicious food and shopping malls too. Imagine enjoying a pleasant way of life, away from the noisy hustle and bustle of modern city life — it truly is the finest place for one to raise a family!

Great quality of life

Even though the town lacks in having typical looming skyscrapers you’d see in rich cities, Gilbert definitely isn’t decapitated or run-down at all. The people here pride themselves with having high-quality cleanliness, making sure to maintain their houses and yards as often as they can. Plus, the land space for each house is far from stingy. It gives one the luxury of space, such that it’s not an uncommon sight to see many locals having swimming pools or a yard just for a massive barbeque session. 

Neverending Sunny days

In Gilbert, winters are short and summers are long, but the best part is that it’s always sunny! You won’t have to worry about constantly lugging an umbrella wherever you go, nor will you need to dread gloomy Mondays with pouring rain. Since the weather is always perfect, this means that you’ll get to visit the Canyon Lake or the Salt Lake River when you unwind on your weekends — saving you the hassle of constantly checking the weather forecast whenever you make plans!


Regardless of where your house is located in Gilbert, all you need to do is to take a five-minute drive to reach the grocers or the gas stations. Even if you’re feeling too lazy to cook dinner, you can always take a relaxing evening stroll down the street and eat at any of the lovely restaurants nearby. 

Encourages active lifestyles

The residents here don’t take their sunny days for granted; they’re always outdoors and getting active! When you stay in Gilbert, you’ll see your neighbors cycling around on their colorful bicycles, going for their weekly runs or playing ball in their backyards. If you love animals, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Cosmo Dog Park allows dog-lovers and their fluffy companions to gather for a good time. 

Endless entertainment

You’ll never get bored in Gilbert because you’ve got plenty of entertainment options to explore. From retail therapy at the SanTan Mall and bowling at Brunswick, to having a whale of a time at Top Golf’s golfing center — there is just too much to do here! Not to mention that the Gilbert Regal theatre has exceptional amenities like the recliners that your friends will be sure to love when you bring them around town. 

The homey city vibes

Once a homeland for agriculture and farming, Gilbert is now a transformed idyllic town that still retains its old rural charms. There’s still the water tower that remains at the heart of Gilbert and the symbolic Gilbert Silos that represents the town’s history, both of which showcases the town’s rich culture. Aside from shopping around the multitude of stores and boutiques, you can always hop to another Arizonian city for more exploration fun when you travel by the highway routes. 

Top-notch eateries

If you’re someone who loves food, you’ll absolutely love the food selection here. You can eat light at the Liberty Market and have your cheat days at Barrio Queen’s fabulous taco galore. On weekends when you’re out on a hot dinner date, you can either have a fancy dinner at Postinos or opt for some chill drive-through at the fast-food restaurants — regardless of what food cravings you have, Gilbert’s food scene definitely won’t disappoint you. 

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